Evangeline Ng
Product Designer

zGlue Product Design Internship

Product Design: Redesign the interface of a software for clients to design their custom chips on.

Project Vision

  1. Enable Hardware Engineers to be able to seamlessly design a custom chip on zGlue’s Chipbuilder software.

Project Challenges

  1. The technology is

  2. Create easy-to-understand physical-to-virtual visuals for engineers to work with.

“I get used to the menu on the left. why did you put it on the right?

See, our competitors A and B did this and it looks perfect. Why don’t we just apply it?

We cannot do all of them in a month, could you prioritize them for us?”


I learnt from them is how to represent users and negotiate with other roles.

prepared the potential questions beforehand according to who Is going to attend the meeting.

communicate with the stakeholders at an early stage during the design process to understand the technical constraints, test rough design or look for general feedback. When the team feels fully involved, the design becomes communal.

Listen hard to understand what people are really critiquing for,  instead of what they are saying; digest and filter critiques.

Communicating to different teams. Getting ideas and understanding the POV of Senior Designers as well as Developers to

 Have an opinion and be confident of my design decisions. My confidence will affect the way audience look at my work.

Focus on users' primary goal and design for happy path first.