Evangeline Ng
Product Designer


Visual Communication



"The world is full of old lettering material that can be used as inspiration for new typefaces."

Neue Soul Typeface

Neue Soul is a humanist typeface face designed to showcase the calligraphic typography of Singapore. This humanist typeface designed with the elements of the Hindu, Arabic and Chinese Calligraphy strokes. As a type designer, I aimed to create a typeface that represented Singapore’s culture by capturing the unique calligraphic elements. A design solution is formed when modern meets heritage - Acrylic is used as a medium for the Book Cover as opposed to paper or wood. There are two fonts of this typeface. Neue Soul and Neue Soul Light.

Download: Neue Soul Regular | Neue Soul Light


Brand Design

The brand "Elic" understands that everyone goes through suffering and requires healing. 

Elic carries Japanese tea-drinking values of being one with nature.

Elic provide users with five items that would help the process of self-healing, and they are:
Muga, Wa, Sei, Kei, and Jaku, (Self forgetting, Harmony, Purity, Respect and Tranquility). 

Self-healing with Elic is a five-step process to be enjoyed both alone and with close friends and family. 

Elic is designed based on Sen No Rikyu’s philosophy, he redesigned the tea drinking experience he emphasizes several key aspects of the ceremony, including rustic simplicity, directness of approach and honesty of self. This directed Elic’s visuals to be rustic and simple, it seemed relevant to use wood as the main medium of design, a natural and comfortable material, that conveys the values of his philosophy. 

This project is designed for Art, Design and Media, Visual Communications III Module.


Mimosa Rebrand

mms black-14.png

Mimosa is a sub brand of Mothercare, a babycare product brand producing quality strollers and carriers.

The brand is named after the Mimosa plant, whose flower symbolises International Women’s Day. We believe in empowering girls around the world and growing a new generation of strong women. Mimosa commits to donating to one educational related cause annually.

The design has been implemented at Mothercare Suria KLCC (Flagship Store) in Malaysia.

In collaboration with Sylvester Tan


Motion Graphics

Meta Data

Meta Data is a 3 min Abstract Datascape Animation displayed in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Northspine Media Art Nexus Wall.

Meta Data, or “Beyond Data” is a binary product of data and emotions, where both are often misunderstood to be mutually exclusive. Meta Data challenges this conventional thought by displaying lines and data forms in motion.


Logo Design

Design for   www.paopaocha.sg    Boba Tea Review Blog

Design for www.paopaocha.sg Boba Tea Review Blog

Logo Design for Monospace (Clothing Brand)

Logo Design for Monospace (Clothing Brand)

Wave Logo Desgn

Wave Logo Desgn