Evangeline Ng
Product Designer
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Stanford CleanTech Hackathon

My team and I took part in Stanford’s CleanTech Hackathon and took on the problem statement by Google’s Supply Chain Challenge

Stanford CleanTech Challenge 2019



My team and I took part in the Stanford CleanTech Challenge in April 2019 and we were presented with Google’s actual supply chain’s challenge to switch to clean energy.


Industry Research

Findings: Within the clean energy space, the suppliers lack the motivation to switch to Renewable energy due the biggest reason: Costs

Other solutions like education are saturated and do little to motivate suppliers.


Findings: By matching different tiers of suppliers, investors, stakeholders and big companies through collaborative projects, we can cut down costs by offering suppliers cost-savings through economies of scale.

Google Supply Chain Clean Energy Challenge

We started off with a design sprint and brainstormed several solutions, weave our solutions with one another’s. We finalised on an open-source platform where stakeholders, suppliers, manufacturers and big companies like google can come together to collaborate on their project to switch to Clean Energy and enjoy cost-savings through economies of scale.

Brainstorming on paper

Brainstorming on paper

We did concept sketches and wireframes on a whiteboard and iterated quickly based on the design flow.

We came up with the idea of a Clean Energy Switch Calculator Webapp to help manufacturers predict how much they would need to make the switch, and present them with solutions like green bonds and cost-savings to help absorb the cost required.


Final Prototype

Group Photo with Googlers.jpeg

Post-hack photo!

Lee Yan Hui, Travis Tang Voon Hao, Frankie Ye Htet Myat, Evangeline Ng and Google Judge Panels: Andrew Peterman and Kendal Smith


Through 24 hours we learnt a great amount about the challenges that earth faces in its switch to clean energy and that approach would require people from all disciplines to problem-solve. Our team also had a great catch-up lunch over at Google with Andrew and Kendal! Thank you for the experience!