Evangeline Ng
Product Designer

See-Mode Landing Page

See-Mode Technologies Website Redesign

Overview: See-Mode is a MedTech Start-up in Singapore and Melbourne that uses AI to predict stroke risk. See-Mode equips clinicians with the tools needed to accurately and efficiently predict and treat stroke to improve patient care. My goal was to redesign See-Mode’s Landing Page.

When: January 2019 (1 Week Duration)

My Role: User Researcher, UX Design, UI Designer

Background: The overall goal of this project is to redesign the website. More specially, we wanted the redesign to: (Insert points redone on illustrator)

Business Goals:

Convey See-Mode’s visions and belief visually and successfully

Cater to Researchers, Doctors and Investors

Increase Site-Traffic (or provide credibility + facts upon entering)

Why does See-Mode’s website matter?

While stroke is the second leading cause of death and the first cause of preventable disability in the world, its treatment planning mostly relies on tracking conventional risk factors.

Previous Website:

The previous site is more targeted to users who have an idea of who see mode is, how see mode works and what products it provides prior to visiting the website, without credentials users do not contact for demo resulting in zero conversions.

With a redesign of the strategy, it could incorporate new users who have never heard of See-Mde and be able to understand See-Mode’s product and the value we provide + feel that See-Mode is a credible site.

User Research Methods Used:

User Interview + Comparative Analysis:

User Personas and Interview Results


Background: PHD in Fluid Dynamics and Computation Visioning

Task: Casually look through comparative sites and pick out focus

They are looking out for: Research, Big names, CVs, Hospital and Organisation Names, Reimbursements

Viewing/Scrolling pattern: Has the time to stop and read and consume information from research and information on website to comprehend


Background: Neurologist, Stroke Interventionist

Task: Go through the landing pages think aloud what they are searching for when looking at these landing pages

They are looking out for:  Stats and facts presented in bite size information before closing tab

Viewing/Scrolling pattern: Flow of the website has to be clear as they have very little time and do not bother stopping to read long strings of text.

Information to be clear > Goal > Benefits > End with relevant and cool visuals

Learning points:

Developing a Visual Language for See-Mode

From the user testing with neurologist, Dr Leonard, he wants the benefits and facts upfront without fancy images that tells nothing.

It was a challenge to stay balanced between minimalist designs that exudes credibility and the cutting edge technology we use in See-Mode as well as providing direct and clear information that a doctor wants to see immediately upon scrolling down on the website.

Comparative Analysis

Comparative Analysis

User Testing results on top three comparative websites

See Mode Illustrations

See Mode Illustrations

Isometric Illustrations that provides value and generate understanding from researchers on See-Mode’s Products

SM Landing Page 18 Jan.png