Evangeline Ng
Product Designer

See-Mode Web App

See Mode Technologies

Background: Stroke can be preventable if correctly. Currently, there are no clinical tools available that can provide the information needed to predict the possibility of stroke occurrences. See-Mode made it their mission to solve this issue for a better cause.

See-Mode Technologies is a Medtech Start Up which focuses on supplying information critical in the prediction of stroke. By deploying a combination of machine learning, computer vision and computational fluid dynamics, See-Mode’s Web App functions as a Ultrasound Image Processor.

Role: User Researcher, UIUX Designer

Duration: November 2018 – January 2019

Key takeaways: Being the only designer at the startup, the learning journey was an enriching one. Through trial and errors and learning from mistakes, by redesigning the webapp from scratch to shipment was of invaluable experience of knowledge impartation.

1) Prioritizing & Analayzing Cost Benefits as a Designer

Prior to this project, I had this notion of viewing my role as a person responsible for delivering quality design with great care given to details by being thorough with the process. However, realizing that startups may not have the resources and capital to allocate as much time as it’s required to be thorough, I had learnt to prioritize on key components of interaction.

2) Accounting wide range in the age group of user

From the research, our end users who are radiologists are found to have age ranged from 25-65 years old. Catering to the needs of such a diverse age group was a challenging task. Elder radiologist felt disheartened and couldn’t read because the font sizes were too small. This calls for a redesign of the interface which involves removing buttons to simplify the interface.


Next steps involve more design iterations to solve the issues discovered during user testing. The team also plan to conduct A/B testing for certain screens, such as the reporting page.

Below are some process documentations:

( View User Testing #4 Results Here )

Reporting 1.png
See-Mode WebApp - User Journey Map v2.0-[v0.5].png
See Mode Illus Assetsv1-03.png