Evangeline Ng
Product Designer

Google Design Challenge 2019

Google UX Design Challenge 2019

iNTU Orientation Redesign is a simple navigational experience for freshmen to register for the orientation events they are interested in.

This project redesigns the experience when freshmen look for orientation events on my school’s website.

It is one of the design challenges for Google UX Design Intern Candidates 2019 in Mountain View, CA.

Components for Redesign

Components for Redesign

solution header-10.png

I wanted to design a clean and informational yet concise page where freshies can search, browse and view the orientations they are interested in, based on their needs. Their needs then inform design decisions, all while adhering to NTU’s design values.

List of features below:

Navigational Side Drawer (Hover Microinteraction)
Drop Down Text Button
Filter of Event Cards

Outbound Social Media Link
Log In
Fill Up Form


Navigational Side Drawer for Categories

Using shadows to indicate that users are hovering over an option. This design choice is inspired by the shadows on the moodboard.

sorted by faculty.gif

Drop Down Text Button

Browsing through categories that freshies wish to join

Categories are mainly sorted by: Faculty, Halls and CCA which are (CAC, WSC, Sports, UOC).

Filtering through navi bar

Filter of Event Cards

Event cards are filtered by selecting category on navigational side drawer

social media.gif

Outbound Social Media Link

Social Media Links within Page compiles all social media and website links of the club/event within one place, making it accessible for users.

log in

Log In prior to event registration

Users log In before Registering for the event, this is so that non-NTU students will not be able to register.

The system is able to reflect the attendance on the individual event cards so users know if their friends are attending the event as well.

registering for event

Fill Up Form

Through the survey results, most orientation leaders and seniors will add freshies into a big Whatsapp Group chat and relay information through Whatsapp.

By providing seniors the email and phone numbers, this confirms that the freshies are invested to attend the orientation event and would like to be contacted by seniors.

Redesign Comparison

“I think it’s a good problem to tackle for the school and it solves the problem i face as a freshie looking for information during orientation week in year one.” - Leon Poh, NTU Senior

“It really should be implemented.” - Nicholas Makoto, NTU Senior


Thank you so much for reading!

The project was designed to be an extension of feature on iNTU website as students expressed that they would not go to yet another external link to get information.

In terms of the UX process, I planned for a forum feature but removed it after gathering majority feedback that the freshmen do not know what exactly is inside the forum and would be unlikely to click it. The rationale for the forum feature was to allay the anxiety and fears of some students as NTU Orientation Camps appeared on the news for being obnoxious and even inappropriate at times. After user testing and consideration, i decided not to add the forum feature.

Another user tester brought up a point that there would be no moderators on the forum and it will only be flooded with freshies asking questions like “Did you get a confirmation email?” “What should we wear and bring for beach day?”, with no help from seniors to moderate the forum.

In terms of visual design, it was definitely a challenge to stay in-brand with the current iNTU’s website while developing visuals that would impress. I followed closely to NTU’s orientation values and inferred NTU Design principles from my experience after using iNTU for 4 years.

Overall I learnt a lot from this challenge and I’m happy to share the process with you!