Evangeline Ng
Product Designer



Errand is a platform where the community can run errands for money.

Problem: Students lack money, and flexible time to work at Part Time Jobs.

Solution: Errand helps to increase the side income for university students, and provide a convenient errand running service.

This idea was tested and now lives on a telegram chat (which is still active) run by a Telegram Chatbot I made. (https://t.me/errandrun)

Some tasks completed by students through Errand were, surprising a boyfriend with roses, giving out flyers, buying items.



Isometric designs representing the scope of errands that will be completed by users.

Screen Shot 2019-01-17 at 1.31.55 PM.png

Errand Brand Guidelines


Errand In Motion

Errand is currently a telegram chat with 347 students from Nanyang Tech University and the errands requested by students are often delivery or purchasing of items. (https://t.me/errandrun)